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Ankle Supports

Ankle supports provide stability to protect the ankle from injuries and also help the ankle recover after an injury. Many ankle supports in the TalarMade range are suitable for ankle ligament weakness, sprains, arthritis and post-operative or post-traumatic inflammation.

The Bodymedics Comfort Ankle Support with Gel Pad provides compression to the affected area to enhance metabolism and accelerate recovery. It also provides protection during sporting activities to aid ankle injury prevention.

If you are suffering from an achilles injury or plantar fasciitis, take a look at our Foot Splints. The Bodymedics Pressure Relief AFO maintains functional alignment of the foot and ankle and completely suspends and protects the heel from pressure or friction. For more serious ankle injuries or conditions, one of our Walkers may be suitable for you. 

Walkers such as the TalarMade Airstride Walker 11" aids propulsion, decreases heel-strike force on calcaneus and substitutes ankle motion. This is suitable for foot protection, neuropathic ulcers, post ligament, soft tissue and tendon surgery.