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Knee Supports

Knee supports are used for knee injury prevention, knee strains, bursitis, patella tendonitis/jumper’s knee, ACL/PCL ruptures, chronic degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and to aid recovery following knee surgery. The Bodymedics Comfort Knee Support provides compression to help improve blood circulation for enhancing metabolism and accelerating recovery, making this support useful for muscles strains and arthritis. 

If you are suffering from patella tendonitis or jumper’s knee try the Bodymedics Patella Tendon Strap. This is a universal support that has a contoured silicone pad positioned at the site of the patella tendon to minimise the force being transmitted through the tendon.

In more serious knee injuries/conditions such as patella dislocations or for post-operative use, a Knee Immobiliser may be required. The Bodymedics 3 Panel Knee Immobiliser has a versatile, 3 panel design, made from high quality foam laminate with towelling lining. The hook closure on this brace allows for the easy positioning of the detachable side panels.