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Ankle Braces

Ankle braces offer support for injuries such as a sprains and general ankle pain.

The Bodymedics Stabilised Ankle Brace provides uniform compression and therapeutic warmth to the ankle, perfect for prevention of injury during sport or for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The additional stabilising straps cross over on the instep fastening to give stability to the ankle.

For stabilisation of chronic ankle instability or moderate to severe strains, the AnkleGuard Stirrup Ankle with Inflatable Pads is more suitable to your needs. The anatomically-contoured shells with inflatable air cushion offer comfort and compressive support to subtalar joint.


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Picture of AnkleGuard Air/Gel Stirrup Brace

AnkleGuard Air/Gel Stirrup Brace

Return to your activity/sport quickly with the Bodymedics Stirrup Ankle Brace with Air...

£29.95 inc VAT

Picture of AnkleGuard Inflatable Stirrup Brace

AnkleGuard Inflatable Stirrup Brace

This Bodymedics Stirrup Ankle Brace is recommended for moderate ankle sprains with ins...

£29.95 inc VAT
From £14.95 inc VAT

Picture of CCT Cold Compression Therapy - Ankle

CCT Cold Compression Therapy - Ankle

TalarMade’s effective Cold Compression Therapy system incorporates...

£39.95 inc VAT

Picture of Comfort Ankle Support with Gel Pad

Comfort Ankle Support with Gel Pad

The Comfort Ankle Support with Gel Pad is ideal for ankle sprains and strains, post-operative surgery and Arthritis and more.  This Ankle Suppor...

From £21.95 inc VAT

Picture of CoolWrap Ankle/Calf inc Ice Pack

CoolWrap Ankle/Calf inc Ice Pack

Neoprene material wrap with removable gel bag. Provides compression and therapeutic cooling for the ankle.

£26.95 inc VAT

Picture of Elastech Ankle Support

Elastech Ankle Support

This Compression Support is made from a unique recovery system.  The 3 dimensional flat knit technology given even compression and contoured fit...

From £35.95 inc VAT