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Shoulder Supports

TalarMade sell a variety of shoulder supports for injuries/conditions including shoulder pain, shoulder dislocation, shoulder separation, post-operative shoulder surgery and nerve palsy.  Shoulder supports are also used to help prevent shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff injuries.  Shoulder pain exercises can also help aid injury recovery/prevention.  Speak to your physiotherapist about the most suitable exercises for you.

Shoulder supports with cold compression can provide an effective way to control the pain and swelling caused by shoulder sprains, injured ligaments and strained tendons.  The CCT shoulder support from TalarMade wraps around the injured area and has a handy pump to allow for the control of compression level. 

Where cold compression isn’t required, you could try one of the other shoulder supports in our range such as the Shoulder Immobiliser, which is especially suitable after shoulder replacement or capsule release/repair surgery.  Other shoulder supports in our range include the Elastech Compression Shoulder Support, the Shoulder Brace and the Shoulder Waistcoat.   


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Picture of Bodymedics Versatile Arm Sling

Bodymedics Versatile Arm Sling

The Bodymedics Versatile Arm Sling holds the arm in an elevated position for either ex...

Picture of CCT Cold Compression Therapy - Shoulder

CCT Cold Compression Therapy - Shoulder

TalarMade’s effective Cold Compression Therapy system incorporates...

£49.96 inc VAT

Picture of Elastech Shoulder Support

Elastech Shoulder Support

This Compression Support is made from a unique recovery system.  The 3 dimensional flat knit technology given even compression and contoured fit...

£79.96 inc VAT
From £45.00 inc VAT