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1st Line Full Length Orthotics

£29.95 inc VAT
Code: 1LFL



A heat mouldable orthotic suitable for all foot types. 

Many foot orthotic prescriptions have a less than specific requirement for the control of foot posture. Function can often be restored with an improved stability of the heel position and gentle support of the medial arch.

Maximum per order of firm density = 10 pairs

In this way protection of the foot, particularly during high impact activities can be offered. In addition, many practitioners are confronted with foot types and clinical problems that do not fall into specific categories and need access to a general purpose, posture controlling orthotic that delivers real protection to the foot with a choice of material densities. 

Many practitioners select an initial orthosis which can be adapted and modified with the use of a heat gun and additional posts providing customised fit. 

Adaptability of a neutral orthosis such as 1st Line offers a range of treatment options as the top surface can be moulded to accommodate deformities of the sole of the foot. Eg: prominent metatarsal heads."


  • Deep Heel Cups to stabilise the calcaneal position
  • Medial arch support to rest the supportive soft tissues of the foot
  • Deep moulded heel cups
  • Gentle supportive arch support
  • Stable base 3 choices of density
  • Available in full and ¾ lengths 3° and 5° adhesive backed medial posts

Indications for use:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Functional hallux limitus
  • Neuromas
  • Hallux valgus/limitus
  • Heel pain
  • Any other condition requiring general support