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4 Kids Orthotics

£39.95 inc VAT
Code: 4KIDS



A medially posted orthotic to protect the paediatric plano - valgus foot. All toddlers have flat feet because of a low angle of calcaneal inclination, by 5 to 6 years this angle has increased, and in most cases, a medial longitudinal arch becomes apparent. 

The most significant feature of paediatric pes planovalgus is medial bulging in the area of the talo-navicular joint. 

Changes which occur effect the pathological flat foot in a manner which render the foot ineffectual at withstanding the forces of ground reaction, which are highest at the propulsive phase of gait.


  • Heel cupping for stability Intrinsic medial post
  • Anti-bacterial top-cover
  • Shock absorbing
  • EVA shell (Medium density: 45 Shore A)
  • Medial arch support

Indications for use:

  • Excessive internal leg rotation
  • Ligamentos laxity
  • Paediatric flat foot