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Knowledge Hub

Welcome to TalarMade’s brand new knowledge hub; a place where you can find helpful information, advice and support. Here we are keen to keep you up to date and informed on a variety of healthcare topics which affect your daily living.


Travel and Health content from TalarMade


Going away? Make sure you travel in comfort! Get the latest tips and advice on how to make your journey pain free. This resource is especially useful for those who regularly suffer from back pain and circulation problems.

Tips for Comfortable Hotel Stays


Family Health content from TalarMade


Here you can find information on family related health care topics, with articles advising on the use of children’s foot orthotics and more... 

Eczema & Psorisis, Managing EczemaChoosing School Shoes



Sport Health content from TalarMade


We all want to stay fit and healthy! Discover the health benefits of different sports, find out why some sports are better than others for people with certain health conditions, learn how to avoid sports injuries and much more…

Cycling Injuries, Preventing Cycling Injuries, Recovery from Cycling InjuriesImportance of Good Running Shoes, What is Golfers Elbow?Treatment for Golfers Elbow, Tennis Elbow, Sports Orthotics


Lifestyle Health content from TalarMade


Take care of yourself! Learn how habit and fashion choices can affect your body and make use of our everyday health and style tips. You can also get the latest advice on how to manage health conditions in the home.

Gardening Injuries, Causes of Lower Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Sprained Ankle, Conditions that Cause Eilp, Improve Your Posture at Work



Feeling uninformed? Here you can read about the history of orthotics and orthopaedic supports, what they are and why they are used.  You can also learn about the various injuries and health conditions that may be affecting you and get advice on how they can be diagnosed, treated and prevented.

Ankle Injuries, Back Injuries, Elbow Injuries, Knee Injuries, Neck Injuries, Shoulder Injuries, Thigh & Calf Injuries, Wrist & Hand Injuries

Cold Compression Therapy, Types of Back Supports, Muscle Atrophy, Plantar Fasciitis

Health Tips & Advice

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