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Cybertech CSI C-Spine Immobiliser


Brace Length:  

This product is only available to Healthcare Professionals.
Please click here to find your nearest Health Practitioner.


Replaceable plush laminated breathable padding affords the patient total comfort and compliance. ––

A two piece semi-rigid thermoplastic cervical collar that provides excellent limitation of motion in controlling; flexion/ extension, rotation and lateral bending. ––

The scalloped contoured diffusion tabs with integral thoracic extension distributes pressures over a large area providing the highest degree of patient comfort, control and compliance. ––

A large anterior opening accommodates passage of tracheotomy facilitation. ––

The ergonomic moulded posterior occipital component an aluminium adjustable spine element allowing full customisation and total contact conformity of cervical arch contours.

Practitioner Fitting Instructions

Measuring for correct size ––

  • With the patients head in a NEUTRAL position ––
  • Measure vertical distance from the tip of the chin to the top of the shoulder ––
  • Select appropriate collar size

Practitioner Fitting Information ––

  • Apply the Cybertech collar to patient’s neck, making sure that the mandible is securely in the recess of the chin section and the lower edge is flush with the thoracic region. If the patient is in a recumbent position, apply posterior section of collar first. ––
  • The diffusion tabs at the lower edge of collar can be flared away from patient if there are any apparent undue pressure areas. ––
  • The posterior occipital component has an aluminium spine element that can be shaped for total customisation and conformity of cervical arch. ––
  • Centre occipital component and pull the touch close tabs around to anterior section evenly. It works best if the posterior ends tuck under the anterior portion.


Indications for use:


CSI C Spine Immobiliser