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Cybertech CTO Cervical Thoracic Orthosis

Code: CT-CTO


This product is only available to Healthcare Professionals.
Please click here to find your nearest Health Practitioner.


The Cybertech Cervical Thoracic Orthosis “CTO” incorporates the best design features of past proven systems with today’s materials for a functional comprehensive ALL adjustable non-invasive cervical thoracic immobilisation system. ––

  • Utilised for the treatment and immobilisation of disorders involving the cervical and upper thoracic spine. ––
  • The unique aluminium multi-post yoked anterior adjustment system allows complete linear adjustability for flexion; extension and neutral positioning and immobilisation with unique adjustment pull tabs. The multi-post yoked design accommodates the passage of tracheotomy facilitation. ––
  • The Y-Chin support members allow width and narrowing customisation for rotational control and patient comfort. ––
  • The ergonomic moulded posterior occipital component encompasses an aluminium adjustable spine element allowing the practitioner full customisation and total contact conformity of the cervical arch contours.
  • Semi-rigid links connect the occipital and mandible sections with full pivot locking joints improving position and helps eliminate AP/linear shearing migration of components and unique patent pending level locking slide buckles. ––
  • Thoracic components are pre-shaped with ease of adjustability. No special tools necessary. MR “Safe” utilising NON Ferrous metals (Iron Free) posing no issues with imaging.


  • – MR “Safe” two piece design for free air flow ventilation, comfort and ease of application. ––
  • System allows for components step down during patient recovery. ––
  • A large trachea opening and with easy adjustable yoke system. ––
  • Moulded polyethylene vented chin and chest and thoracic components ––
  • Vented occipital component with an aluminium spine element allows custom contouring of cervical arch. ––
  • Unique industry leading semi-rigid quick adjust straps eliminates component shearing migration. ––
  • Removable plush laminated foam liner on all contact areas for added patient comfort. Additional liners can be ordered separately. No latex used.

Indications for use:

  • Post operative non-invasive restriction and immobilisation of the cervical and upper thoracic spine ––
  • Jefferson’s fracture without transverse ligament injury ––
  • Light wedge fractures following traction or occipital avulsion fractures
  • Post trauma ––
  • Arthritis –
  • –Acute pain ––
  • Spinal stenosis


CTO Cervical Thoracic Orthosis