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Neuroflex Prosperity Hand Orthosis

Code: NT-20732


This product is only available to Healthcare Professionals.
Please click here to find your nearest Health Practitioner.


 A heat mouldable thermoplastic neurological hand orthoses with a padded removable Outlast cover, used to restore regular muscle tone.


  • Heat mouldable thermoplastic full hand length support plate
  • Soft padded removable washable cover with Outlast lining
  • Can be remoulded to gradually improve position
  • Splint is divided between the middle and ring finger to allow for individualised moulding
  • Wide soft padded wrap around touch close straps
  • Colour coded straps for easy application 

Indications for use:

  •  Finger/hand wrist contractures, which are less severe than a tightly closed fist
  • Neurological tone from diagnoses like Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson's, post CVA, closed head injury and spinal cord injury