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Instep II Orthotics

£39.95 inc VAT
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An orthotic to protect the paediatric plano-valgus foot. Heel valgus is a degree deformity, and in its mild and moderate forms it is easily missed and often neglected.

The danger of the condition lies in its defiance of 4 factors, which maintain the foot in a correctly aligned or neutral position beneath the leg: 

1) An adequate sustentaculum tali and properly placed calcaneo navicular ligament.

2) An adequate posterior tibial tendon and muscle.

3) A neutrally placed, non constricted Achilles tendon

4) A firm but not tight plantar aponeurosis. Maintaining correction requires a strong stable orthosis that also allows for comfort.

This is best achieved through a semi rigid shell that is contoured to provide natural anatomical support and a cushioned lining the enhances protection of the soft tissues. Many children presenting with calcaneo - valgus feet have poor muscle tone and so the blending of these materials within one device will offer a measureable improvement in symptoms while comfortably protecting the damaging effects of poor posture in the developing foot. Instep II offers real protection and stability to the rear and mid foot within one orthotic device.

The detailed anatomical contouring provides significant heel cupping and support to an unstable mid tarsal joint complex that often accounts for disabling symptoms of growing foot.


  • Forefoot extension to prevent sore spots High medial cupping to support navicular
  • Polypropylene heel cupping for stability
  • Soft lining to protect soft tissues
  • High lateral cupping to resist forefoot abduction

Indications for use:

  • Unstable calcaneo-valgus
  • Biomechanical instability of the paediatric foot