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Footshield Optional Hex Insole (Wedge Shoe)



This product is only available to Healthcare Professionals.
Please click here to find your nearest Health Practitioner.


Compatible with any of the Bodymedics Footshield Footwear range, the Hex Peg Offloading System can be used for selective pressure relief of the plantar foot surface, simply by removing the Hex Pegs in the designated area. Hex Peg insoles come in 2 variants, designed to fit into the designated footwear shape for an exact fit.


  • Removable Hex Pegs – selective removal creates a void which avoids plantar foot impact during ambulation
  • Includes self adhesive stabiliser board to prevent adjacent Hex Pegs from collapsing
  • Poron Cover for additional comfort

Indications for use:

  • Selective pressure relief for plantar ulcers
  • Post surgical weight relief of the plantar foot surface