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Golfers Elbow

What is golfers elbow?

Golfers elbow is the nickname often given to medial Epicondylitis, which is an inflammation of the inside of the elbow. As the forearm muscle tendons attach to a bony bump on the inner elbow, it is common that the force of the muscle can cause an inflammation of this area.

This causes a shooting pain which is often spread to the forearm and wrist area, resulting in tenderness and stiffness. It can also cause numbness or tingling sensations in the fingers. It is then extremely painful to grip objects and shake hands. This is a type of tendonitis and is very similar to tennis elbow.

What causes golfers elbow?

Golfers elbow is rarely a result of a sudden, sharp injury but instead is a result of a repetitive stress injury. This means that golfers are extremely susceptible to medial Epicondylitis as pain can gradually develop in their inner forearm at the beginning of golf seasons due to increased intensity and duration of the sport.

Medial Epicondylitis is also common amongst carpenters and painters due to the ‘gripping’, ‘repetitive’ nature of their profession.

How is golfers elbow treated?

In the majority of cases it is easy enough to treat golfers elbow. The first step that must be taken though is to rest. Due to golfers elbow occurring as a result of a repetitive stress, the pain would only get worse from continuing whatever exercise had originally caused the medial Epicondylitis.

As the pain is caused by an inflammation of the inner elbow, it may be wise to Ice the injury for around 20 minutes, 4 times a day. You may also want to try the TalarMade Epicondylitis Clasp which provides targeted compression to counteract the inflammation.

If the pain does continue though, it may be wise to consult your GP about non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (such as ibuprofen) before exploring the possibility of other types of medication such as cortisone injections.

Once the pain has subsided it may also be wise to undergo the correct rehabilitation process to prevent golfers elbow re-occurring in the future. You may want to consult your GP about the correct strength exercises and stretches that are the most effective forms of rehabilitation. In addition to this, it could be a good idea to consult a golf professional about your swing, grip size and club size (as this may have been a contributing factor to golfers elbow).

Personal experience

If you have suffered from medial Epicondylitis in the past then why not like us on Facebook and start a discussion about the best exercises and stretches you have used for rehabilitation, or even if you have learnt any tricks from the golf professional that could help others prevent the condition in the future.

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