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What damage will be done if I don’t use orthotics?

It is recommended that misalignment of the foot be treated with orthotics. Misaligned bones and weakened arches can cause pain not only in the foot, but also the back, hip, neck and shoulder. Some people with imbalances in the foot never suffer from pain, but in the case where an imbalanced foot has already caused problems, if left untreated the likelihood of incurring further damage to the area is increased. Pain could continue and even worsen. In some cases failure to treat the affected foot, might lead to secondary conditions such as bunions, corns, arch and heel pain, and certain deformities of the foot. A weak foot is also at risk of causing a fall.

Those that suffer from foot problems associated with medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and stroke, may be able to retain a greater degree of mobility with the use of orthotics than without the use of orthotics. This is because orthotics provide the foot with sufficient support to help relieve pain and prevent deterioration of symptoms.

It can be helpful to discuss the benefits of using orthotics with your health care provider, who will be able to assess your individual needs. Meanwhile take a look at the orthotics we have available in the 3 Point Pivot System and Quadrastep ranges.

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