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Different Types of Back Support

Back supports are used to give support to the lower back and spinal column, whilst improving alignment, relieving back pain and helping to prevent damage. Managing back pain can be difficult but there are many different types of back support available which are tailored to suit specific needs. It is therefore important to obtain an accurate diagnosis of your back pain from your healthcare practitioner in order to select the appropriate back support.


Back Supports and Belts

These can be worn as physiotherapy treatment for a wide range of injuries and conditions affecting the back. They are beneficial for maintaining alignment during movement. The Bodymedics Lumbar Support is made with high quality ventilated elastic and dual rear elasticated fulcrums to provide superior support to the lumbar region (lower back) and is designed to treat muscle strains, sciatica, osteoporosis, herniated discs and sacro-lumbar pain.


The Bodymedics High Osteolite TLSO spinal support is designed to provide support to the thoraco lumbar region, treating thoraco lumbar spinal conditions, Osteoporosis, muscular injury to the thoraco lumbar region and chronic kyphotic back pain. This support is designed to prevent forward bending, helping to correct alignment and reduce pain caused by movement.



Maternity Belts

Back pain associated with pregnancy is common (somewhere between half and three quarters of women experience it at some stage during their pregnancy). It is caused by the changes in the uterus which stretch and weaken the abdominal muscles, changing posture and putting the pelvis and lower back out of natural alignment, which increases stress to the spinal joints. The extra weight carried also means that the back muscles are subject to strain and overuse. Wearing a maternity belt such as the Bodymedics Maternity Belt can be effective in alleviating the pain caused by these changes. It is designed with strong, lightweight elastic to give support without being restrictive and the high stretch elastic strap provides extra security over the abdomen.



Lumbar Rolls and Seat Cushions

Lumbar rolls and seat cushions can be used to relieve lower back pain whilst seated, by providing cushioning and maintaining correct posture. The Dynaspine Inflatable Roll can be placed behind the lower back to help maintain the lumbar region’s natural forward curve. The Seat Wedge Cushion allows the users hips to be positioned above the knees, which helps to relax the back and prevent abnormal stresses on the lumbar region.

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