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Choosing School Shoes

The annual post-summer trip out to the shops to select a new pair of school shoes is a task that is often not met with the most enthusiasm from your child! However, taking proper care of your child’s feet from an early age is important for preventing foot problems occurring further down the line.

Here at TalarMade we have put together a list of tips for choosing the correct school shoe, so that you don’t arrive at the shops unprepared:

Quality – Be prepared to spend a bit of money. It is always better to select a good quality shoe which has been designed to provide a good fit and adequate support for the foot.

Retailer Reputability – Do choose a shoe shop that offers professional shoe measuring services and can advise you about their range of shoes.

Durability - Choose a shoe that is durable and that also allows for the natural growth of your child’s foot (half sizes can be particularly useful here).

Straight Sole - The shoe’s sole should be straight, with no twisting.

Correct Bend - The shoe should not bend in the middle, but should bend at the ball of the foot. Fastenings– Fastenings should be adjustable; laces, buckles and Velcro are ideal, whereas slip-on shoes do not tend to give enough support.

Breathable Lining – The shoe should be lined with breathable material such as leather or canvas, so that moisture is drawn away from the foot

Do not buy shoes with heels -The bones in your child’s foot are still growing and wearing heels can increase the likelihood of deformities and bunions developing. Heels can also shorten the tendons over a period of time.



If you notice that there is unusual wear to your child’s shoes (such as on the inside of the sole) it could indicate that your child is not walking properly.

Your GP can refer you to a podiatrist if you suspect any problems. Podiatrists diagnose and treat abnormalities of the lower limb and can fit orthotics to correct alignment of the foot if necessary.


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