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Lifestyle Tips for Improving the Condition of Eczema

Good Hygiene

It is always important to maintain careful hygiene, especially when dealing with skin conditions. Eczema may flare up in the case of improper hygiene; sores which are open and weeping are particularly susceptible to infections such as Impetigo, Cold Sores and Warts.

However, when washing, be sure not to use soap, as soap can dry out the skin. Use warm water which will remove dirt and oils from the skins surface but beware of using hot water as this may cause irritation.

Be Cautious with Skin Care Products

It is advisable to cut out perfume use and opt for shampoos and moisturisers which are not fragranced, as the chemicals in fragrances can often be the cause of skin irritation. Make-up should be avoided where possible as cosmetics can aggravate Eczema. Always carry out a test patch on a small area of skin when trying new products and if you experience a reaction, do not use the product.

Reduce Exposure to Allergens

Exposure to allergens can trigger a break out of eczema. Reduce exposure to house dust mites, moulds, grass pollens and pet dander by allergy proofing your home. This may help to ease symptoms.

Extreme Weather

Avoid drastic changes in temperature and weather conditions. For instance in hot weather, avoid switching too often between air conditioned rooms and the outdoor heat. Air conditioning can also dry out air and irritate skin. Avoid doing hard physical activity in hot weather which can cause the skin to break out in eczema . Do, however, spend time swimming in the sea as there are claims that the saltwater helps to clear eczema.

If you suffer from Eczema you may find TalarMade’s Dermacura Moisturiser beneficial to your condition. It is a highly moisturising skin cream which promotes skin repair and gives rapid itch relief.



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